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Coaches Corner

The Michigan Outlawz Organization would proudly like to introduce our coaches staff for the 2023 Season!!! 

VP/Coach Tim

8U - Defensive Coordinator

My football career started in the 1970's era, where I played PAL football.  After playing football in high school and some college, I joined the United States Army.  I started my coaching career 31 years ago and spent time coaching high school, middle school, and youth league football.  My goal as a player was to learn as much as I could to be better the next day, my goal as a coach is to make sure our young men and women "know at 100%, so they will perform at 100%".

AD/Coach Chuck

Athletic Director, 6U - Defensive Coordinator

I started my coaching career in 2009 with the Lincoln Railsplitters in Ypsilanti, Michigan as the special teams coordinator. As I continued to study the game of football I advanced to becoming the defensive coordinator.

In 2013 I moved on to a premiere organization called the Michigan Warriors where I was also on the defensive side of the ball.  During my time with the Warriors we had a #1 ranking in 2015 and won the 2015 state title and national title. In 2019 we merged 2 great orgs together, the Wayne Vikings and Michigan Warriors to become the Michigan Outlawz!!!  Where our players and coaches won the 14U 2020 state championship & 12U state championship runner ups!!!  My love of the game, this great organization and players is my motivation to continue.

Coach A

12U - Head Coach

Adrian Boyd, goes by Coach A.  I was an All American running back in high school also was a three year start at the University of New Mexico. I always wanted to coach once I was done playing football. I’ve been coaching for 8 years and a Head Coach all but one of those years. I enjoy coaching because I’m giving back to my community through the game of football and teaching young men and women how to deal with adversity, work with others, how to communicate and inspire them to be great on and off the field threw the game of football.

Coach Art

12U - Defensive Coordinator

I played football since 1976 (6 years old) for Jackson City League and throughout school.  I started coaching football in 2016, I was able to help coach my sons 14U team.  As he moved on the HS, I continued my coaches career with a program I felt welcome and at home with.  I love showing young people that in football it's not just about tackling and hitting, but about team work and good sportsmanship.  These lessons can be applied in everyday life.  

Coach Lid

14U - Defensive Coordinator

14U - Defensive Coordinator

Khalid Muhammad, goes by the name of Coach Lid.  He has been with the Michigan Outlawz since we began over 2 years ago.  Coach Lid was an assistant coach on 14U.  He was the Head Coach of the Wayne Vikings for 10 years.  With over 26 years in experience with youth sports, Coach Lid has impacted the lives of many young men and women.    

Coaches Staff

Antione Hall

Bob Gorman

Clayton Jordan

Frank Erve

Frank Cooper

LaRon Raymond

Ronnell Hodges

Keysha Griffin

Sherika Wester

Niya Diamond